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It's Hamster Wheel time! January 15th, 2017

Hamster Wheel 200 V is coming. Quite a few registered so far and each and everyone will receive some type of beautiful bling so that everyday, they can be reminded of the torture, opps I mean fun they had riding and riding and riding for as many miles as they can. Join us. Register here Remember, club members this is one of the benefits of being a club member. Non members have a decision to make. Ride as a non member, or join a really great group of members of the Peace River Riders. Cost of the ride is $25 for non members, Club members it's included in your membership. Will have pizza and "beverage" about 5 p.m. Wheels rolling out 6 a.m., Registration or check in January 15, 2017 5:30 a.m. at 30337 Cedar St, Punta Gorda, FL 33983 Sag shuts down about 5 p.m. We have prepared a 12.5 mile loop, all right turns, no stops and a 16 sag stops, one every 12.5 miles. Indoor plumbing provided. Come on out if you're looking to do your first 32 miles, metric, century or DOUBLE century if you are a masochist. Tune up the body and the bike if you plan on 12/24 hours of Sebring in February. Last year 13 riders out of 118 polished off 200 miles. It's going to be one for the history books. Here for more details and registration after Thanksgiving. We'll even be posting the route in a few weeks. See you there if you dare. More info
Directions to Start, Registration and Check in.
Register for the Hamster or Join the PRRBC right here!

Don't forget, membership entitles you to one of the famous Club Mugs. A membership card worth discounts at our local bike shops, ride insurance and use of the beautiful Club Canopy as long as it isn't at an event or reserved by another member. Weekly scheduled rides, Special club participation rides such as The Howl at the Moon ride and the Assault on the Castle ride.  Membership includes an invitation to the Club Christmas Party and participation in the Annual Hamster Wheel 200, the Pumpkin Pie Pre-Ride Thanksgiving morning and the Christmas morning Santa Claus Ride.

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