Hamster Wheel 200



Only for those who are tough enough!

January 13th, 2019 Ridge Harbor association 30337 Cedar Road, Punta Gorda, FL

The 7th annual Hamster Wheel 200. That's right, this is for the brave of heart, those that feel no pain, the ones unfamiliar with the word can't, followers of the little engine that could, preparers for Bike Sebring..

For Peace River Riders Bicycle Club members, this ride is included in your membership with no additional cost to you. For those not a member of the Peace River Riders Bicycle Club, (one of the finest clubs around) this years Hamster Wheel is only $25.

It includes a 12.5 mile loop (hence Hamster Wheel) all right turns, 16, count them 16 SAG stops one every 12.5 miles, and for those that register early some goofy trinket to remember the day and..... All the suffering you want to inflict on yourself.

Registration and or Check In opens at 5:00 a.m. and wheels roll out for hours and hours of enjoyment after checking in.

In addition to all the normal SAG food we're going to provide some homemade Chili in case it's a bit cool or you just need a little boost on the way. (You know what I mean!)

Registration and the starting point are 30337 Cedar Road, Punta Gorda, FL.

200 miles seems a bit strong? Come on out and knock off a Metric, a Century, a Birthday Ride or your own Personal Record.

Yes, for you rocket scientists out there, we know that if you become a member of the PRRBC you get the Hamster Wheel 200 for $20 instead of $25. Just don't let that little faux pau on our part get out to the general public.

Contact info: Ray Heisey, Peace River Riders Bicycle Club, 941.391.2059, prrbicycleriders@gmail.com

Just a heads up, the long range weather forecast for January 13th is low of 51 high of 73 and sunny! Register online HERE








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